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Massive fraud and computer information theft not being investigated in Florida and the rest of the U.S.


There has never been as many complaints to our newspaper about various frauds and computer problems in Florida this year. As the amount of frauds are increasing at an alarming level, law enforcement is not receiving the support of their state and federal governments. The fraudsters know how the system works and are taking advantage of the lack of law enforcement devoted to investigating economic, computer and various other white collar crimes being committed in South Florida.

We continue to write articles about this because of the great number of Canadians who contact us for help. It can be unlicensed contractors stealing their money by requiring payment up front of most of the contract price and then the unlicensed contractor disappearing or refusing to return the stolen money or a telephone fraud.

The frauds have included individuals forging someone’s signature to transfer their property to their name or the name of their company while the Canadian owner is away from Florida. The individual in some cases, starts renting the property to someone, and in some cases a friend, making up a signed leased so the tenant cannot be forced to leave the property by law enforcement because he shows them a lease. The tenant then has to be evicted and sometimes this can take up to six months with various delay tactics being used by such tenants.

Calls are being received every day from around the country and from outside the United States and Florida area claiming to be from the FBI and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) claiming that the individual Canadian has not filed an IRS form or has not done wrong in the U.S but the Canadian is afraid to contest the claim and does not know that a fraud is being attempted on him. Government agencies do not call individuals by phone or e-mail asking for money or claiming that you have violated the law.

The state and federal governments were unprepared for such massive frauds and did not have the ability to intercept or make criminal cases on individuals half way around the world. Probably not one case out of 100 is being investigated when it comes to frauds being committed via the telephone and through the internet. Unless the case makes national headlines and involves millions of dollars in losses don’t expect the case to be investigated. No one is going to China, India, Russia London or Nigeria to seek out the internet criminals operating from those countries and cities. When government budgets are cut, law enforcement and state and federal prosecutors are the first to suffer the cuts in budgets because they do not have paid lobbyists fighting for their interest and that of the victims, which is you, the general public.

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