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Le Soleil De La Floride bigger than ever


This French newspaper has a long history in Florida, having been owned previously by two of Canada’s largest newspaper publishing companies, Hollinger owned by Conrad Black in Toronto and Transcontinental located in Montreal. The present owners of this newspaper, along with their entire staff, reside in Florida and the head office is located in Hollywood. Le Soleil de la Floride is also the sponsor and organizer of the largest French festival in Florida. It is also the publisher of an annual tourist guide “Accès Floride”.


Le Soleil de La Floride is published 35 times a year with a weekly edition from October to May and a monthly edition from May to October. The first publication of each month is circulated in Florida as well as Quebec and other French speaking portions of Canada, where they can be purchased in over 1800 locations. A subscription can also be purchased for these issues.

Le Soleil de La Floride publishes stories and articles relating to events and places of interest in Florida for the French speaking Canadians who either visit or spend their winters in Florida. Our present area of distribution is from South Beach in Miami-Dade County, through areas of Broward County such as the greater Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Pompano Beach, Boca Raton etc, in Palm Beach County including Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and portions north of this county such as St. Lucie County.

We are the source of information on Florida and Florida events, for many of the major news media networks in Canada, such as the major televisions networks, radio stations and newspapers. We make ourselves available to these media for interviews and information to help inform Canadians about special events in Florida.

As an example, the local daily newspaper in the Fort Lauderdale area, the “Sun Sentinel” has recently posted a video on its website for Canada Day, showing an interview with Denise Dumont of Le Soleil de La Floride, who edits the newspaper and writes many articles each week. The interview was held at our newspaper office. The video is posted on our website.

In this newspaper, the advertisers, or advertisers to be, have complete access to our publication and circulation figures so that they can determine whether it is a sound decision to do business with us as opposed to advertising in a competing publication.

In the peak of the winter last year, we have published up to 21,000 weekly copies with an estimated readership of over 60,000 in one week. There is a large demand for the newspaper and in many areas, several families share the same newspaper. The advertisers are happy since they pay the advertising rates of a small newspaper and yet, during many weeks, they receive the readership of a large newspaper.

We continue to encourage our readers to contact us to inform us as to what type stories or events they prefer to read in our newspaper when they are in Florida.

We keep improving this tourist and Snowbird oriented newspaper which is twice the size of any other French publication in Florida.

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