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Le Soleil de la Floride and its tourist guide “Accès Floride” the best source of tourist information for visiting Canadians


This newspaper’s annual tourist guide “Accès Floride” is starting to be distributed to inform visiting French speaking tourists of what to see and do in Florida. This is an additional service this newspaper offers its readership and this year, the tourist guide is 112 pages. It contains information on many events and attractions in Florida and contains ads of various businesses offering services to French speaking tourists and snowbirds.

The greater Fort Lauderdale area is still the most popular area of Florida for visiting Canadians. When an area has miles of white sand beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and every type of attraction and tourist facilities, it is not surprising that this area has been popular since the 1950’s for Canadians.

The newly rebuilt Dania Casino, at a cost of approximately 65 million dollars, was opened at the beginning of this year. Now, those in that area of Broward County have all the facilities which include both gambling, concerts with national celebrities, restaurants and various other facilities. The Casino, as it is known, continues to offer Jai Alai but has diversified itself, with its new constructed casino, into a first-class tourist destination.

There are so many other facilities and attractions in this area of Florida for everyone, including those who want to experience the way Florida Indians lived in the Florida Everglades, and walk through various other nature trails. Whether you are in your 20’s or 70’s this area has it all for all ages. The restaurants, nightclubs and Broadway concerts at the Broward Theater of the Performing arts are available throughout the area, especially during the winter season.

Also, there is always a Festival going on and the visitors have more choices that they had hoped for. They are all in the tourist guide Accès Floride! They are listed by date and most of the time, these are activities that are free.

Visitors this year should really try to go discover a different beach, visit a new museum, live a new adventure that Florida has to offer. They are well described in Accès Floride and if you dare visiting the online version of the guide, you will find it super practical and as it enables you to extend your research more precisely!

Accès Floride is the bible for those visiting Florida as to what to visit or do while here. From South Beach to Palm Beach, the various events are listed. Those advertising in this tourist guide offer all types of services to the readership. That is why most of those who get a copy of this guide, keep it for the entire winter season.

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