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Canadians important to growth of Florida


As the busiest part of the winter tourist season for Florida has ended, Canadians keep coming to Florida at various times of the year including the summer. Since Canadians are allowed to spend up to 6 months in the US, many visit Florida at various times of the year as few spend more than 4 consecutive months in Florida during the winter.

As Florida grew to become the third largest state in the US, with over 20 million in population, Canadians played a big part in its economic and tourist growth.

Banks such as Desjardins Bank and Nat Bank expanded their operations in Florida to better serve their Canadian customers and the surrounding communities of Canadians on the Southeast coast of Florida. Hotels like the Universal Palms Hotel in Fort Lauderdale were purchased by Canadians and completely renovated into first class hotels. This 200-room hotel is a few minutes away from the beach with room rates more attractive than many of the surrounding hotels.

Home and Patio Depot is another large facility started and operated by Canadians, offering all one needs to enjoy outdoor living in this sunny and warm state. It’s location in Pompano makes it central to both Broward and Pam Beach counties.

Many Canadians, while in Florida, take cruises for a change of scenery and they have no problem in finding the right cruise offered by Go 2 Vacations, which offers numerous choices for a few days or weeks of visiting tropical islands.

However, one of the largest development by Canadians was the Aztec RV Resort in greater Fort Lauderdale area, headed by Jean-Guy Sylvain, hotel owner from Quebec City. Land for such a large condominium lot recreational vehicle resort only became available in 2010, in this populated area of Florida, because of the deep real estate recession. Aztec RV Resort has become a 5-star RV resort and is considered the top such condominium RV resort in the Eastern United States. The property is over 105 acres, with 645 large condominium RV lots with every known recreational facility for those spending their winters in Florida. It is limited to self-propelled class “A” recreational vehicles on beautifully landscaped lots with outdoor facilities, including outdoor kitchens, waterfalls and brick paver driveways.

Canadians were also large purchasers of Florida real estate during the recession when prices of real estate, in some areas, decreased by some 50%. This newspaper encouraged Canadians to purchase during this recession as there was no way that people would stop moving to sunny Florida.

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