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Aztec RV Condominium Resort Lots A Bargain


A few weeks ago, a drone was tested at Aztec RV Resort and the pictures taken of the property showed the real beauty of this RV resort. Those involved in flying the drone exclaimed in surprise that they did not know that such a beautiful RV resort existed in Florida. One of these pictures from the drone is contained in this editorial.


Because of the few remaining large parcels of land in the greater Fort Lauderdale area (Broward County), there will never be another RV condominium resort in this the most exciting and entertaining area of South Florida. The RV resort was built on 106 acres and contains 645 condominium lots. The lots are basically from 3,500 to 9,000 square feet.

Where else can you park your RV in Florida and still be located within 15 minutes of the white sandy beaches of Florida or close to every type of activity including dining, entertainment and sports.

From a practical point of view, you have to consider that today, prices of Florida real estate is still about 1/3 below the highs of 2008 and in the case of condominium RV lots, they are still ½ below the highs of 2008.

When the remaining condominium lots have been sold by Claude Chan, the present administrator at Aztec, those wanting to purchase lots from present owners will probably have to pay double or triple today’s prices of the lots. This is because the Florida real estate market and the economy is recovering faster in the greater Fort Lauderdale area and now has an unemployment rate down to 4.5 %.

Aztec RV Resort was developed by Canadian hotel owner Jean Guy Sylvain, from Quebec City. Years of his hard work produced the finest RV Condominium Lot resort in the Eastern United States. Aztec, a 5 star 645 RV Condominium lot resort, is the only resort with 5 acres of common areas with every known facility, including clubhouses, laundry rooms, fitness center, 2 pools, 2 tennis courts, 9 hole putting green, sand volley ball, 4 pickle ball courts, shuffleboard, horseshoe etc.

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